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We provide a broad range of legal counseling and services to clients with estate planning needs. From drafting a simple will, to drafting and funding a trust, to the complexity of assisting with the preservation of the legacy of family businesses and farms for future generations, our goal is to tailor our services and products to the specific needs and wants of our clients and their loved ones.  [READ MORE]



Our firm regularly represents executors and personal representatives of a loved one’s estate. We provide guidance and assistance through the entire probate process, including: opening the estate, gathering and assessing assets of the estate, maintaining and protecting property during the probate process, notification of creditors and heirs, settling debts of the estate and distributing the assets.  [READ MORE]



Our firm is in a unique geographical location in Grady County, Oklahoma as our area encompasses both the prolific SCOOP and STACK oil and gas plays.   We are in a legal position to represent both owners of oil and gas mineral interests and operators.  Our attorneys represent family and individual mineral owners as well as oil and gas producers and small and medium operators.  This range of practice provides our firm a unique perspective as to the issues, concerns and goals of those involved in the development, ownership and production of oil and gas minerals.  [READ MORE]



Many legal issues arise in all stages of business ownership, from the strategic phase of starting a new business venture to the negotiation of selling the assets or equity of an existing business.  Our attorneys provide not only legal knowledge of the many issues that may arise, but also, as operators of family businesses ourselves, a practical approach to resolving these issues.  [READ MORE]



Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing in real estate matters on behalf of property owners, landlords, tenants, developers and contractors.  [READ MORE]



As owners/operators of farming and ranching operations, our partners have extensive practical and legal experience surrounding the unique interests and assets of individuals, families and entities engaged in agriculture and livestock activities.  A vast number of our clients are farmers, ranchers, property and mineral rights owners, and agribusinesses of all types.  Our desire is to provide them with comprehensive legal services to protect and grow their businesses as well as the transitioning of these businesses to the next generation.  [READ MORE]



One of the most distressing processes a business or individual can face involves civil litigation.  Our firm has attorneys who have extensive experience in representing business owners and individuals in all types of litigation.   Whether you or your company has been sued as a result of an event or occurrence, or whether an event or circumstances resulted in damages or injury to you or your company, our attorneys have the experience to assist you in first understanding your options, and then providing the services needed for litigation, trial and any appeals that follow.  [READ MORE]



Our firm regularly represents small municipalities in regard to daily business and compliance issues.  The firm also represents Public Works Authorities, particularly in connection with contract, construction, property and water issues.  Jeromy Brown of the firm has the unique experience of following state statutory procedures to incorporate a municipality and to assure other municipalities were properly incorporated and to complete such processes.  Our firm also assists municipalities in drafting Ordinances.  [READ MORE]



Our firm has been retained to defend insured(s) in claims filed against them.  Our firm has attorneys who have a history of defending insureds and resolving significant claims against those insureds.  Specific requirements associated with defending an insured are understood by our attorneys, such as task based billing requirements, reporting requirements and handling conflict of interest scenarios that can arise.  [READ MORE]



Alison Patel has extensive experience advising a broad base of clients, including public and private companies, tax-exempt and governmental clients of all sizes, in employee benefit and executive compensation matters.  [READ MORE]



Additionally, as a result of the location of our firm, we are in or very near jurisdictions where signification litigation occurs, particularly in connection with the oil and gas industry.  Our attorneys are regularly retained to serve as local counsel and assist primary counsel handling litigation.  The participation and involvement our firm might have in an action is tailored to the needs of the client and the firm that recommends our retention.  As attorneys who have handled cases in many venues across Oklahoma, the pressures and needs of counsel coming from a metropolitan area or out of state locale into the local courtroom is both understood and appreciated.  If you would like to discuss with us the potential retention of our firm for your case – we would be glad to speak with you.  [READ MORE]

Our Attorneys



Dick (Stephen Richard) McCalla’s broad range of transactional and litigation experience encompasses the fields of estate planning and probate, oil and gas law, agricultural law, real estate law and commercial law.  

Currently, much of Dick’s practice focuses on the preservation of assets, wealth transfer and succession planning of his clients.  Additionally, he regularly counsels his clients, mineral owners as well as working interest owners, in oil and gas matters including lease negotiation, purchase and sale of mineral interests, representation before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and succession planning for the transfer of their oil and gas interests. From the family farm to the family business and mineral interest ownership, he values the succession of his clients’ interest to the next generation.

Dick also has significant experience representing both corporate and individual clients in commercial, agriculture, and oil and gas litigation.  [READ MORE]



Jeromy E. Brown’s practice has a broad base. Much of his practice today involves issues in the oil and gas industry. He began by defending companies involved in environmental claims across Oklahoma. He has represented large producers, operators, and individual mineral owners.  He has helped many mineral owners secure lease agreements and other beneficial contracts. He has also represented small companies and mineral owners in administrative proceedings before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. 

Jeromy has handled many cases defending companies and individuals in many other types of litigation, as well. His experience includes defending tractor-trailer operators, retail stores, small businesses, agricultural producers, and local government entities.  Jeromy also serves as local counsel for local government entities and municipalities.  [READ MORE]



Alison McCalla Patel's practice includes representation of individuals and businesses in matters ranging from wealth transfer and succession planning to business formation and transactions.  Additionally, Alison has extensive experience advising a broad base of clients, including public and private companies, tax-exempt and governmental clients of all sizes, in corporate, employee benefit and executive compensation matters. 

Alison has significant experience reviewing, designing and drafting various forms of retirement plans (401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) plans) and advising clients on ERISA and tax compliance matters related to such plans.  [READ MORE]



Brice Beckwith has gained experience in a broad range of practice areas since joining the firm as an associate in 2015. Prior to joining the firm, Brice received his Juris Doctor from The University of Oklahoma College of Law, where he earned multiple merit-based scholarships and served as Note Editor for the Oklahoma Journal of Law and Technology. While attending law school, he served as a research assistant to one of his professors, conducting research and preparing memoranda on design patent, trademark and copyright law. Brice also holds a bachelor’s degree in English from The University of Oklahoma.  [READ MORE]