Our firm is in a unique geographical location in Grady County, Oklahoma as our area encompasses both the prolific SCOOP and STACK oil and gas plays.   We are in a legal position to represent both owners of oil and gas mineral interests and operators.  Our attorneys represent family and individual mineral owners as well as oil and gas producers and small and medium operators.  This range of practice provides our firm a unique perspective as to the issues, concerns and goals of those involved in the development, ownership and production of oil and gas minerals.

Simply put, mineral interests are many of our clients’ most valuable asset.  Therefore, a large portion of our firm’s practice is focused on helping our clients understand their legal rights and options with respect to mineral interests and assist them in making financially sound decisions.  Our attorneys offer extensive experience in a wide array of oil and gas matters, including:

  • Lease negotiation
  • Lease and royalty agreements
  • Surface owner agreements
  • Pooling agreements
  • Trespass, conversion and depletion issues
  • Title issues
  • Mineral interest transfers and agreements
  • Succession planning for the transfer of mineral and oil and gas rights to the next generation
  • Environmental concerns
  • Joint Operating Agreements
  • Litigation
  • Issues with the Production Revenue Standards Act
  • Hearings before regulatory agencies, including the Oklahoma Corporation Commission